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Terry Goldfarb spent over 20 years with RGP, where she played a critical first ever Business Development role for the company, paving the way for RGP to grow from a small start-up founded as part of Deloitte, to the global publicly traded company it is today. She was named one of the “The Hottest 25 People in Orange County”, has been involved in over 40 non-profit, philanthropic, business and education organizations over the course of her career, for which she helped raise millions of dollars, and has been talked about or featured in three books. Terry was hired by RGP because of her Business Development talent, but she brought so much more to those she’s worked with, worked for, mentored, counseled, supported and championed. Always intent on making a difference, she is not just a Networker, but a Connector and Relationship Builder. And by the way, she had a series on the Mickey Mouse Club!