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Across Multiple Platforms

Titan HST embraces partnerships across industry to add next generation resilience to security ecosystems. The power of Titan HST’s customizable integrations creates a connected ecosystem which maximizes the value of existing resilience investments. This collaboration drives innovation across the security spectrum, ensuring the solutions employed to protect people are not just good enough but industry leading. Contact Titan HST to learn more on how partnerships can better secure the dynamic world of today and the challenges of tomorrow.

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Titan HST integrates and partners with many 3rd party systems.

See what some of our partners have to say:

24/7 software logo

“Titan HST and 24/7 have partnered to bring a comprehensive operations platform and emergency response system, serving the Leisure, Sports, and Entertainment industries. With integrated broadcast tracking and chat capabilities, this partnership amplifies mass communications ensuring critical information is never missed when seconds matter.”

Matthew Dobrosevic

Vice President, Product, Integrations & Analytics

Aerial Armor partner logo

“The Titan HST & Aerial Armor integration is an instant force multiplier, allowing for quick and efficient distribution of unauthorized drone information, such as the area being breached, drone type, altitude, and most importantly, the pilot's location, directly to your security on the ground.”

Matt Altman

CTO, Co-Founder

evolv partner logo

“Our partnership brings together industry leading weapons detection and industry leading two-way emergency communication to empower our clients to quickly and efficiently identify potential threats on a mass scale before they enter the site and mitigate risk to guests and employees. Through our custom integration, we are able to provide sites with increased visibility and information dissemination, reducing response time when every second matters.”

Peter George

CEO, Evolv Technology

TopoONE by Crisis24 partner logo

“We are delighted to partner with Titan HST to deliver an integrated experience for our existing clients to identify and manage incidents inside of the TopoONE platform. The open architecture of our cloud-based critical event management platform, TopoONE, enables innovative technologies, such as Titan HST, to be easily integrated and leveraged by security professionals. Through this strategic partnership, TopoONE and HST are delivering on the promise to do everything we can to keep our clients and their operations safe.”

Phil Harris

Phil Harris, CEO and Founder

Shooter Detection Systems partner logo

“The pairing of Titan HST with SDS's Indoor Gunshot Detection solution means workplace gun violence protocols can now be automatically executed without delay or confusion. SDS’ unique acoustic and infrared gunshot detection sensors are accurate, reliable – and most importantly, fast – automatically triggering critical messages through Titan HST, so administrators can escalate response and coordination measures and building occupants can make quick decisions in a life-threatening situation.”

Joe Byron

VP of Sales

Dataminr partner logo

“Dataminr and Titan HST provide organizations across all industries the earliest detection of high-impact events combined with the ability to respond immediately to protect your people, brand and assets. We are thrilled to bring our customers Dataminr's real-time AI alerting platform integrated with Titan HST's cutting-edge emergency communications system for the best end-to-end emergency response solution.”

Aharon Weiner

SVP Business Development & Partnerships