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Jag, a veteran Silicon Valley Executive is the COO & CFO at Titan Health & Security Technologies. Prior to Titan, he was the COO & CFO of Nightingale Intelligent Systems providing autonomous drones for securing critical infrastructure. He has previously held executive positions at Calient Technologies Inc (acquired by Suzhou Ltd), Cotendo Inc (acquired by Akamai), and NetXen Inc (acquired by QLogic).

As CFO, Jag has successfully helped privately held technology companies at various stages to raise significant funding. He has also helped companies to scale and create over $1B in shareholder value.

As COO of Calient, he helped the company achieve a planned business turnaround by significantly scaling manufacturing of complex MEMS based Optical Circuit Switch to meet the high volume and stringent quality needs of marquee technology and Telecommunication customers.

He holds a MBA from Santa Clara University. He is also a Fellow Member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He lives in Saratoga, CA along with his family including two lovely dacshunds.